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Stuff to push hard into digital markets after rebrand

Stuff to push hard into digital markets after rebrand



Stuff chief executive Sinead Boucher said the rebrand was a chance to set the New Zealand business off on its future direction, focused around its digital brands.   

The company publishes Stuff and about 60 print publications, including The Sunday Star-Times, The Dominion Postand The Press. It also owns community website Neighbourly and a 49 per cent share of internet provider Stuff Fibre.   

The Fairfax brand did not have the same resonance for New Zealanders as it did for Australians, Boucher said.

Another spark was a survey last year that showed Stuff was one of the top-20 most trusted brands in New Zealand. 

"You would be hard pressed to find any media company who wouldn't say there were unknowns in their future," Boucher said.

"But I feel we have a clear view of what our assets and advantages are, and we are very lucky to be sitting here with a portfolio that includes Stuff, Neighbourly which is continuing to grow rapidly, and Stuff Fibre." 

Other new joint ventures included online movie service Stuff Pix and power retailer energyclubnz.

Boucher said it was important Stuff continued to push hard into new digital markets and there was "no time to waste".

"The reality is we need to diversify to fund journalism at scale. We have to find ways to replace the money that was with print and which has gone elsewhere."

Jonathan Sagar, creative director of Auckland brand development agency Voice, said there was no reason Stuff couldn't work as a name for a broader portfolio business.

"Brands still work as a way to organise things and engage people. People still make decisions based on 'stories' and feelings and brands are still the mechanism that carries those things.

"Stuff is open, quite informal and cute. I hear 'Fairfax' and I think 'big corporate' associations. It is quite hard – not a 'friendly' brand."

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