Why you need to continue to advertise in the lead up to the General Election

Remain relevant and top of mind for consumers.

 Why you need to continue to advertise in the lead up to the General Election

Latest data shows New Zealand’s robust economic growth continues with increased consumer spending, a buoyant economy and improving market conditions, suggesting that now is a good time to continue to advertise.

Statistics New Zealand Retail Trade Survey [1] data covering quarter one shows that consumers are continuing to spend their money, with year on year increases in 14 out of 15 categories compared to the same period last year.

Confidence is high, last month’s Westpac McDermott Millers’ Consumer confidence survey [2] shows that consumers are confident and expect economic conditions to improve in the next 12 months and this will carry over to an improvement in their own financial position.

The outlook is positive, The Economic Outlook [3] included in the Government’s 2017 Budget shows the economy is expected to grow between 3% - 3.5% in 2017-18, and up to 3.8% in 2019.

During an election year Kiwis seek out information they can trust and appetite for news is strong in both print and digital forms.

Recent research from Nielsen shows that more than two thirds of consumers (68%) buy something seen advertised in the newspaper, compared to 37% and 28% for TV and radio respectively. Almost two thirds (62%) of consumers agree newspapers give me useful information, compared to 53% and 47% for TV and radio respectively.

Furthermore, 7 out of 10 (71%) visit websites to find out more about something they’ve seen advertised in a newspaper, and almost two thirds (64%) have talked to someone about an ad they’ve seen in a newspaper [4].

In summary, a buoyant local economy shown by increased consumer spending and consumer confidence, now is a good time to continue to advertise in the lead up to the Election.

Some advertisers may want to reconsider where they place their ads – is it in a channel that drives consumers to purchase, engage further and prompts a conversation.

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3 http://www.treasury.govt.nz/budget/forecasts/befu2017/006.htm

4 Nielsen CMI Q2 16 – Q1 17, All people 15+ who have read/watched/listened in the last 24 hours or week

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