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Why Our Brands

Today readers have the choice to read their paper in an array of different forms – in print , via smart phone, desktop or tablet. But the constant is the power of the editorial content and brand values that sit behind this industry's media companies. Readers trust the powerful brands that have been keeping them up to date for generations and now they can choose to read their favourite titles in the form that suits their needs in the moment.

Stuff.co.nz and NZ Herald.co.nz are the country's leading news websites with most other newspapers also having their own sites; popular with readers in their own regions.

Online readership is growing rapidly and as the consumer's appetite for news expands.  


6 reasons to advertise in newspapers


International News Media Association (INMA) present 6 reasons to advertise in newspapers.  Both print and digital offer key benefits to advertisers that are not delivered by other media options. Read more here



Put some colour in your day


The Newspaper Works look into the appeal of magazines nestled inside newspapers in Australia in this article 'Put some colour in your day'.  Newspaper inserted magazines are equally popula in New Zealand - reaching 30% of the population (15 & over), that's 1,079,000 people, every wee.  Readers who are more likely to be household shoppers and have a high income.

Source: Nielsen CMI Q1’14-Q4’14, All people 15+


Read more here




Why print packs a punch for real estate vendors


Houses sell faster and for a hight price when advertised in a newspaper, according to new research...  Read more here



Advertising in 2015...

2016 new   

Is now a good time to advertise?  Are we still in a recession?  Find out more here

Path to Purchase - Real Estate Market...


Newspapers are a must when buying a house.  The daily newspaper is real estate buyers' second most used media.  Find out more here


Reaching Farmers...

Reaching Farmers2   

New Zealand is a farming nation - NZ is the second largest dairy exporter.  Farmers who read a daily newspaper are active and dedicated readers.  Find out more here


Travel for a travelling nation...


Do you want to know how to reach the 2.2million New Zealanders who travel overseas each year? Read more here


Election 2014 - Reach youir voting audience with Newspapers!


Did you know using newspapers leading up to the general election will offer you a broad 18+ audience (including both the decided and undecided voter)?  Read more here

Newspaper readers are foodies who love to cook, dine out and take care of their nutritional needs... 

Food thumb    

The food, drink and cooking sections are some of the most well read newspaper sections - reaching almost 2 million New Zealanders - across the week... Read more here


 Affluent Readers... TURN TO NEWSPAPERS 

Affluent Readers    

Each week 492,000 affluent people in households earning $120,000+ turn to Daily and Sunday newspapers, an increase of 5,000 readers in the past year...  Read more here

New Zealand's Daily Newspapers in 2013... 


New Zealand's Daily Newspapers had a few changes over 2013, from birthdays to a change in size.  But the growth in readers continued to grow in 2013.  To find out more Download presentation

 Engage with loyal newspaper readers who are passionate about cars and driving... 


Each week dedicated newspaper sections across the country deliver an unrivalled range of automotive news, features, comment and analysis on every aspect of cars and motoring from New Zealand's best motoring writers.  To find out more Download Flyer

 "Newspapers are but one expression of a modern news brand"...

TNS tile

TNS research inconjunction with News Works NZ shows newspapers lead other sources of news for reliability and credibility, find out more on the Effectiveness of Newspapers...

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79% of regional newspaper readers ONLY read their local daily newspaper...

Preso tile

Only regional daily newspapers are narrowcast and talk directly to, and about, the heart of the local community they represent...

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Newspaper Facts

But readers are choosing to engage in different ways...
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Here are a few compelling reasons why newspapers are vital to your next campaign.
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See how newspaper inserted flyers drive consumer action Download pdf  or Download flyer



Is your banking client missing out on engaging with 1.6 million readers each day?  Read more.



See what you can do with newspapers Download pdf