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Waikato Times (Fairfax)

Established in 1872, the Waikato Times is the fourth largest daily newspaper in New Zealand, and is the most popular and well read newspaper in the Waikato region. Renowned for spirited editorial, the Waikato Times is a warm, down to earth newspaper that connects with the hearts and minds of the Waikato. A valuable information source, with two updating editions daily, the Waikato Times keeps Waikato people informed on the latest international, national and regional news events six days a week.

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Publication Details

  • Owned By: Fairfax New Zealand Ltd
  • Published: Mon - Sat Morning
  • Page Size: 54 x 10 col
  • Average Net Circulation*: 18,892
  • Readership**: 51,000
  • Weekly Coverage: 104,000

* Audit Bureau of Circulation: October 2016 to September 2017

** Nielsen CMI Q4 16 - Q3 17, All people 15+

Contact Details

  • Editor: Jonathon Mackenzie
  • Advertising Manager: Jason Douthett
  • Address: 500 Anglesea Street, Private Bag 3086, Te Rapa, Hamilton
  • Phone: Tel:+6478496180
  • Fax: Tel:+6478499554