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Double your Sundays

Double your Sundays

Get twice the amount of Sunday exposure with our 2 for 1 Sunday pack.

Sunday Star-Times AND Herald on Sunday combined packages available.


By doubling your Sunday exposure, you’ll engage with 526,000 readers including 414,000 household shoppers AND 483,000 people aged 25 and over.*

Advertising packages
Full page Herald on Sunday + Sunday Star Times — $15,000
Full page Herald on Sunday + Half page in Sunday Star Times — $10,000
Junior page Herald on Sunday + Sunday Star Times — $8,000
Half page Herald on Sunday + Sunday Star Times — $7,500

Why Newspapers
Newspapers are a high-attention medium and a trusted source of information.
Newspapers allow readers to take as much time as they like to process and evaluate ads.
Newspapers are able to increase consideration and drive consumer action.

Engage with 562,000 readers
Readers who are affluent
Readers live in households earning an average $100,056, that's more than 18% higher than a typical household.

Take a Double your Sunday pack and boost your campaign

Create talkability 
Start a conversation with 480,000 readers (91%) who talk about articles or ads they’ve seen in their newspaper.

Drive engagement online
440,000 readers (83%) visit a website to find out more about products or services advertised in their newspaper.

Change opinions
Change what people know and feel with 438,000 (83%) readers who agree their newspaper helps them form opinions.

Increase sales
Promote your best deal to 404,000 readers (77%) who actually buy something as a result of seeing it in the newspaper.


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Source: Nielsen CMI Q1 15 – Q4 15. Based on combined readership of the Sunday Star Times and Herald on Sunday, 562,000 people 15+


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