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Flexibuys - Summer Sweeteners

Flexibuys - Summer Sweeteners

As Kiwis hit the beach, bach and tent, they also tend to hit the ‘off’ button on TVs and computers. Instead, they’re reading newspapers in droves and in detail. They’re more engaged, with more time to read and take in your clients’ messages.

On a typical day 1,117,000 people turn to daily newspapers to be informed, entertained and to make purchase decisions.

In fact, research shows a strong intention to purchase from newspaper ads, with 76% actually buying as a result of reading an ad in their daily newspaper.*

Newspapers are relevant, highly trusted, and deliver less intrusive advertising than tv and radio.

  • 87% agree their newspaper is relevant to me and my city and town
  • 77% agree newspapers are my most trusted source of news and information
  • 68% agree newspapers help me find out about products available

That’s why we’re offering our Flexibuys Summer Sweeteners, our deliciously irresistible summer rates. They’re sweeter than ever.


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• Minimum quarter page compact, 20x4 broadsheet 
• Minimum 3 papers
• 1 insertion at 35% off ratecard
• 2 insertions: 1st insertion at 35% off ratecard and 2nd insertion at 45% off ratecard
• 3 insertions: 1st insertion at 35% off ratecard, 2nd insertion at 45% off ratecard and 3rd insertion at 55% off ratecard + bonus insertion
• 4 insertions: 1st insertion at 35% off ratecard, 2nd insertion at 45% off ratecard, 3rd insertion at 55% off ratecard and 4th insertion at 65% off ratecard + bonus insertion

Source: Nielsen CMI Q3’15 - Q2’16 and CMI Q2 15 - Q1 16, daily newspaper AIR 15+.

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Minimum quarter page compact/20x4 broadsheet. Time period: 4th January 2017 until 28th February 2017 (excluding public holiday weekends). Excludes contract rates and cannot be used in conjunction with any other newspaper promotion. Discounts are off ratecard cost only and may not apply to all positions. Commission bearing rates only. Newspapers include all major METs as well as Regional and Sunday newspapers. Free ad on a week commencing basis at the discretion of the paper within a two-week timeframe of 3rd ad at same size or less. Must run before 28th February 2017.


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