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Bee Bio - Natural Health Products

Bee Bio - Natural Health Products

Advertiser:  Bee Bio - Natural Health Products
Campaign name:  Preservation

The Challenge
Natural Health Products Limited, wanted to raise awareness of their unique, new, high end product BeeBio Anti-Aging Skincare.  Created in New Zealand and already available in a number of countries, Bee Bio wanted to build a local market as well. 
In a sector overflowing with competitor products claiming anti-aging benefits, “We needed to illustrate everything different about our products.” Adam Boot, Marketing Director explained, “to raise awareness, with the target market and with retailers.”

Why Newspapers?
“Newspapers offer a great reach and their affluent readers suit Bee Bio’s high end (and expensive) products.
Not only quick to implement, booked and placed with a minimum lead time, advertising in the newspaper also meant the market reaction could be measured quickly.
Viva’s tagline ‘The good things in life’ seemed a perfect fit for Bee Bio’s products and their mission.”

The Outcome
Delighted with the response to their advertising in Viva, Bee Bio plan to expand their campaign into other newspapers and magazine titles over the coming months. 
“On the day the ad ran, we received phone calls asking, ‘Where can I get my BeeBio?’” says Boot, “and the inquiries have continued.
After one month, 14 new retail outlets in NZ have come on board.
New high end retailers are being signed up as we speak – after receiving requests for our products, and sales are booming. We have more enquiries than we can handle comfortably.”

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