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Day of Influence - NZ Fire Service


     Advertiser:  New Zealand Fire Service
     Campaign date:  15th June 2016



On a Wednesday in June, New Zealand’s newspaper groups collaborated to run a unique package across all of their platforms for a single day ‘Day of influence’ was conceived to demonstrate the impact of reaching and influencing a large audience across news media brands in one day.

The competition invited agencies to develop a campaign to the value of $300K to illustrate the power of news media in a single day across print and digital platforms.

The challenge was won by FCB with an inspired creative entry for the New Zealand Fire Service.

The Challenge

At 80 per cent of the house fires the New Zealand Fire Service attends, there are no working smoke alarms.

Todd O’Donoghue, NZFS national advisor fire risk management, said “If people don’t have working smoke alarms, a fire is well established before it makes any noise.”

With frequent media stories about fires, Kiwis can get overexposed to the point of becoming desensitised.

Hilary Barrett, Media Manager at FCB, said “We wanted to use this fantastic opportunity to demonstrate, through the power of print, the danger of fires. Our aim is to get as many Kiwis as possible to install or check their smoke alarms in their homes on a single day”. 

The results of this campaign completely surpassed our expectations, with smoke alarm sales increasing by a whopping 2900% in the week following the campaign. Every working smoke alarm saves lives, so we’re delighted with the results and will continue to leverage the power of news media for future campaigns.

Caroline Rosanowski, External Communications Manager


The Campaign

I thought that the story
about the family who lost
their house was really
shocking…One ad I’ll
always remember.

Feedback from reader panel survey


FCB created an impactful campaign which saw the ash remains of house fires mixed with ink, so readers literally held the remains of a house devastated by fire in their hands.

It’s not until you are confronted with the devastating effects of a fire that you truly understand them.

Information about local fires was included in the ads which ran in daily newspapers and their digital platforms all over New Zealand.

The Outcome

The two-page spread made
me give the ad a second
look. The image made a
strong impact and prompted
me to schedule a smoke
alarm check into my day.

Feedback from reader panel survey

The campaign exceeded all expectations and successfully delivered the New Zealand Fire Service’s objectives.

The post-campaign tracking results show 78% of readers who recalled the campaign have or intend checking their smoke alarm(s). Following the campaign almost half (45%) have or intend talking to others about the importance of fire safety.

More than 3 million impressions were delivered on, and combined as part of the digital ad campaign – with engagement and click through rates (CTRs) higher than average.

Smoke alarm sales


Sales of smoke alarms swelled with sales up an impressive 2900% in the week following the campaign.

The advertising drove both online and strong in-store sales, with some retailers completely selling out of their smoke alarms stock.

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