Case Studies

Larsen Sawmilling Ltd

The client, a committed newspaper advertiser (and genuine kiwi "Good Bugger") who spends six days a week working hands on 'in the business, doesn't have a lot of spare time to think about his advertising.  Without specials or discounts to gauge the effectiveness of his advertising on he was feeling complacent and uncertain of the value of his newspaper advertising.

The Campaign

After 25 years in business, John Larsen from Larsen Sawmilling, has become a real Gisborne identity, sometimes referred to as the 'Mayor of Makaraka', the suburb where his business is located.

Reflecting his sense of humor and his "boots 'n all" attitude, he wanted advertising that was both clever and topical.  Each advertisement in the campaign focused on a different product from the company's wide range and picked up on local current affairs.

Week 1:  After a week of heavy rain and flooding, "We're drowning in stock feed!" was run.

Week 2:  "We've escaped!" ran following a high profile parolee fleeing overseas.

Week 3:  John was happy to "Give your animals the Royal treatment" for Queens Birthday weekend.

Week 4:  As a keen supporter of the local rugby team, he tied in the half time break with promotion of long drops.


The client received many compliments (and a ribbing at the local pub) for the clever marketing campaign.  Proof enough to him that his advertising is both effective and reaches the right people.

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