Case Studies

Mobil Portside

Did you have a dirty weekend?

The client a local service station owner had recently reopened their car wash.  The advertising was intended to notify locals that the car wash at their local service station, Gisborne's Mobil Portside, had reopened.  The client was open to the idea of some bawdy humor - as his wife explaining, "We're not lawyers or accountants, we pump gas!"

The Campaign

A few concepts were presented, including an image of a bikini-clad woman washing a car, with the disclaimer "Sample image only - actual carwash may differ..."

However as a large proportion of his customers are female, although the client felt it would create a stir, it may alienate a number of customers.

Known for their regular getaways, the client and his wife loved the headline "Did you have a dirty weekend?"

The image of the muddy ute then justified the question and clarified the statement.


Car was sales increased and the comments from customers confirmed the positive reactions by newspaper readers.

based on the low margins on fuel sales, the carwash service really improves this business's profitability and showing the owner had a good sense of humor helps customers look past his Australian accent. 

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