Case Studies

The Appliance Shed

Advertiser:  Appliance Shed
Campaign name:  Legit Brand, Legit Prices

The Challenge
As a small, Auckland-based retailer, The Appliance Shed was losing ground to much larger retailers and needed to boost sales. Working with the J Walter Thompson agency, they decided to embrace a challenger position by introducing the “Legit Brands, Legit Prices” campaign. This campaign blew the whistle on the retail tricks that The Appliance Shed’s competitors play, preventing shoppers from getting the best prices. At its heart was “paper bag pricing”, The Appliance Shed’s best (and haggle free) price, hand-written on paper bags.

Why Newspapers?
Working with the fact that other retailers never advertise the actual lowest price, the “Legit Brands, Legit Prices” campaign highlighted that The Appliance Shed will. This positioned them as the “Renegade Retailer”, looking out for the consumer. This rebranding was communicated through a combination of broadcast and targeted media. Newspapers played the critical role of driving sales by explaining paper bag pricing in local publications, prompting consumers to visit their local Appliance Shed store. 

The Outcome
The campaign created a full-blown business transformation. The new “Legit Brands. Legit Prices” platform not only shifted attitudes towards The Appliance Shed, it led to Legit Results. Brand awareness tripled. As more customers learnt about the legit brands at legit prices proposition, Appliance Shed realised a solid upswing in better value customers looking to spend more. Ultimately, this was reflected in a bottom line increase in average basket size. The campaign went on to win a CAANZ Effie award, recognised by advertisers and agencies as the pre-eminent award in the advertising industry.

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