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The Forgotten Millions

Advertiser:  World Vision NZ
Campaign Name:  The Forgotten Millions

The Challenge
The goal of World Vision’s “Forgotten Millions” campaign was to raise awareness and increase contributions to World Vision’s fundraising efforts in response to the Syrian conflict. It was also intended to shift public discourse on the conflict away from terrorism and politics, towards the humanitarian aspect of the crisis. Additionally, it was designed to engage a new group of potential long term donors, and increase public awareness and trust in the World Vision brand.

Why Newspapers?
World Vision felt that to meet growing needs and re-engage the public they needed to show the human side of the conflict. Journalist Rachel Smalley, along with a committed team of content gatherers, travelled to Lebanon, Iraqi Kurdistan and Jordan, collecting personal stories that reflected the human cost of this crisis. These stories were then printed in the NZ Herald. A layered approach to content saw photo galleries, films, opinion pieces, letters from refugees and ‘in-their-own-words’ accounts running alongside the poignant reports.

The Outcome
The “Forgotten Millions” campaign exceeded all expectations. It changed public perception of World Vision, raising brand profile and relevance. It engaged a new group of potential long term donors and provided insights into the humanitarian work World Vision does around the globe. The use of a trusted journalist with an independent voice, combined with the backing of an influential media outlet, led to increased trust in the organisation. The campaign went on to win a CAANZ Effie award, recognised by advertisers and agencies as the pre-eminent award in the advertising industry. ROI for the campaign was a stunning 807%.


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