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Volcanic Hills Wines - Open Day magic

Volcanic Hills Wines were planning an Open Day at the winery site. They used Facebook, email to their database, word of mouth and newspapers – The Rotorua Daily Post and the Rotorua Review.

On the day they tested which medium worked best … the results were outstanding for the Rotorua Daily Post.

Media - Facebook, email to client database, word of mouth, advertising in the Rotorua Daily Post and Rotorua Review

Background – Volcanic Hills Wines have been a part of the Rotorua Daily Post’s Home Show for a number of years. Reluctantly at the outset, but after day one they could see it was going to be successful for them. After the third day as Brent from Volcanic said, “you’d have to be an idiot not to be here”. With that success in mind, the client thought of using the local newspaper to promote their own event.

The Campaign – Volcanic Hills Wines wanted to promote an Open Day to be held at their winery site. Unsure of how to get people along they used a combination of media including traditional newspaper advertising, social media, email and word of mouth to promote the day.

Results - On the day they asked people who attended to indicate how they heard about the event by placing a bottle cap into the appropriately marked bin at the door. The Rotorua Daily Post bin received around 90% of the bottle caps – it was an overwhelming success for both the Rotorua Daily Post and Volcanic Hills Wines.

What did the client say “The Rotorua Daily Post doesn’t just bring people to us, it also makes our business successful as well.”

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