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Newspaper survey reveals the power of local advertising

Newspaper survey reveals the power of local advertising

From Adworld - Not only are all politics local, so too is shopping spend, according to a recent grocery shopping survey carried out by 46 local weekly newspapers in Ireland, says Shane Treanor, sales director at Mediaforce Ireland.

The detailed survey attracted an amazing response from over 6,000 readers, both in print and online. This makes the survey statistically significant as the results have been gathered from a base of respondents that is more than double the size of the TGI panel in Ireland

The key findings were that people continue to live their lives and spend most of their money locally. The survey revealed that 82% of respondents spend half or more of their money within an 8km (5 mile) radius of their home and two thirds of them rely on advertisements in their local newspapers to help with their grocery shopping decisions.

“With more than 6,000 participants, this is one of the largest surveys of its kind undertaken in Ireland in recent years and the results proved once again life in Ireland is local”, says Mediaforce sales director, Shane Treanor.

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