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Power of Print - Influence with the NZ Herald

Power of Print - Influence with the NZ Herald

The NZ Herald’s Hitting Home investigation results in police action 

The NZ Herald ‘Hitting Home’ series focusing on Burglaries over a week in March this year, was directly responsible for the launch of Operation Resolve by the police in Auckland Central. The investigation started on March 7th with a declaration that an average of 164 burglaries a day remain unsolved. 

The series covered
Monday: The data: NZ’s most-burgled neighbourhoods
Tuesday: Hardest hit: Inequality at the heart of the crimes
Wednesday: Anatomy of a burglary: We map a burglary investigation
Thursday: Burglars and receivers: Into the minds of burglars and receivers
Friday: Moving forward: Curbing the unsolvable crimes

On March 30, a police crackdown was reported, assigning additional staff to solving burglaries in the Auckland district as a direct result of ‘The Hitting Home’ series in the NZ Herald.  “We do take the concerns raised with the [Herald] series very seriously,” said Detective Senior Sergeant Iain Chapman.

The Power of Influence

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