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Power of Print - Influence with the Waikato Times

Power of Print - Influence with the Waikato Times

The People’s Project in the Waikato... housing the homeless

Throughout 2015 the Waikato Times and Waikato Times Weekend highlighted the issue of homelessness in Hamilton, a problem the council had raised, with a report on the People’s Project in June last year. This was a positive story about the People’s Project, a new ‘multi-agency effort to end the complex and controversial business of homelessness in the city.’

Reports and editorial throughout the following months raised the issue again, covering problems for those living rough and for the general public offended by the anti-social behaviour they were encountering in the streets. 

In November, a summary appeared in the paper, covering the success of the People’s Project, homing and providing assistance to many who have lived on the streets for a number of years. 

The Power of Influence

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