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Top 10 most complained about ads of 2015

Top 10 most complained about ads of 2015

No matter how good the creative, there will always be someone it doesn't please and the Advertising Standards Authority is there for people to voice their disgust, outrage, and offense. It's released a report on the top 10 most complained about ads from last year, so here’s the rundown.

Last year, the ASA received 1,260 enquiries derived from 707 complaints.

The key issues causing concern included 'misleading' (299 complaints), 'social responsibility' (172 complaints) and 'taste and decency' (58 complaints).

The most complained about product categories were: therapeutics (125 complaints), service (71 complaints), entertainment (51 complaints), vehicles/transportation (49 complaints) and household goods (41 complaints).

View the countdown here


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