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Topical advertising in newspapers packs a powerful punch

Topical advertising in newspapers packs a powerful punch

Newspapers are about news – advertisers that take advantage of this fundamental quality by introducing topicality into their newspaper ads can gain a real advantage over competitors.

Connecting with the news provides opportunity to create deep engagement and offers advertisers the potential for improved targeting.

Newspapers have a strong bond with their readers. People trust their papers to provide authoritative coverage and sharp commentary, to surprise and entertain them, and to provide advice and information to help them make a whole range of decisions about their lives.

Successful advertising taps into this mindset. Ads that relate with what’s in the news can really stand out in this newsdriven environment.

From predictable events like Waitangi Day, Valentines, April Fool’s Day, Easter and big sports occasions, to unpredictable events like natural disasters, general election results and resignations, and the weather, there are plenty of opportunities to grab consumers’ attention.

Every day, smart advertisers are piggybacking on the news. The very best topical ads become part of the story, and become part of the conversation – people will talk about a clever ad linked to a story, just as they are talking about the editorial.

Some recent local campaigns which have caught our attention include Volvo New Zealand’s ad following the US Election result which announced ‘At least there’s still one safe place to be’, a powerful statement from a company which has always strived to create the world’s safest cars.  

As the country was coming to terms with the devastation of the earthquakes, Lotto New Zealand delivered an eye catching campaign announcing that all profits from the Saturday Lotto draw would go to help the people of Kaikoura.  They followed this up with an ad to say thanks for everyone who took part and the money raised.

John Key’s shock resignation took all of us by surprise, Rebel Sport delivered a clever ad with the header ‘We’ve found John’s ‘Why’ an offered readers a 30% off all golf sets. 

Getting topical advertising in newspapers is challenging, but the rewards for getting it right can be enormous.


View more creative examples here.

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