Inside the brains of your consumers

Inside the brains of your consumers

News Works NZ has used neuroscience to take a journey inside the brains of consumers while they engage with advertising in different media. We have looked at how people respond to different channels, and merged this with similar work from News Works UK. This research allows us to understand the roles of news media (print and digital), television, and social media. We look at the strengths of each media, the cumulative effects of a mixed channel strategy, and how to optimise for brand building vs. call to action.

Press Release is available here.

We held 3 events around NZ at the beginning of September. The presentation is available to download as a PDF here 

A FAQ section will be available shortly.

For any further information please email Lorne on [email protected] 

Introduction to neuroscience - Richard Silberstein

UK neuroscience study - Denise Turner

NZ neuroscience study - Jacqueline Farman

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