The Battle for Attention

The Battle for Attention

Newsworks UK and PwC redefine engagement

Newsworks UK explored the importance of attention in a world saturated with infinite content. The findings show that the role of newsbrands, as a trusted medium that people choose to pay attention to, is more important than ever. 

Key findings:
The study found that print newspapers come out on top when it comes to people regularly putting time aside for them; feeling a personal connection with titles; giving people something to talk about; and readers feeling trust in the content - all of which are drivers of attention.

  • 60% of newspaper print readers are not consuming any other media at the same time as reading newspapers
  • No generational difference was found: 56% of millennials who read national print newspapers do not consume other media while reading newspapers
  • 65% of newspaper print readers are not doing any other activities such as cooking, housework or talking to people at the same time as they are reading
  • There is no statistically significant relationship between time spent and attention
  • High levels of attention correlate with high advertising response scores, such as: Ads give me ideas about brands, encourage me to consider purchasing and are relevant to me

Source: Newsworks UK, The battle for attention

Read more here from Newsworks UK or download the presentation here

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