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Learn insights into the car buyers consumer decision making process

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To understand how to engage car buyers on their path to purchase, News Works NZ have collaborated with Research Now to develop one of 4 path to purchase projects.

After consulting 525 Kiwis who are planning the purchase of a new car we have developed a complete path to purchase for car buyers.

The four stages are:

  • Recognising Need
  • Researching Options
  • Forming a Shortlist
  • Buying a Car

News media plays a valuable role in providing information relating to their needs at all four stages of the purchase process, influencing the buying process of nearly half of car buyers.

The research discovered that it takes 43 weeks from need recognition to purchasing a car.  And that many car buyers don’t select their new car until the final stages of the path to purchase.

Throughout the car buyers' path to purchase, news media consistently features as a leading source of useful and trusted information.

Download the research as an infographic.

If you are interested in one of our team coming to present the Path to Purchase - Automotive research, please contact us here or download the presentation here.

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