Capturing The Attention Of Consumers

Consumers are constantly being bombarded with multiple forms of advertising in their everyday lives while trying to maintain a work/life balance.

As we become busier, how do you as advertisers capture your consumers’ attention and cut through the clutter?

We have seen some great examples of eye-catching ads in the newspapers recently which have cleverly used combinations of size, shape and typography to stand out from the crowd.

New World, for example, ran a vibrant campaign in the Dominion Post to launch its Little Garden promotion. As readers made their way through the newspaper they were served up a series of unique shaped ads which showed the growth of a garden and ended with a full-page ad. This was a fun and engaging way to take customers on a journey while alerting them to the 23 different seedling kits available and all the details of the promotion.

The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), responsible for protecting our natural resources, gives us another great example. Their attention-grabbing topical campaign informs the public of the risks of Myrtle rust and what to do about it ran in daily newspapers up and down the country.

Royal New Zealand Ballet partnered with the Otago Daily Times and ran bookend ads to promote their production of Romeo and Juliet. All these examples showcase that print still delivers impactful advertising.

Our recent Trust research conducted by Colmar Brunton shows that Kiwis are more likely to be open and receptive to advertising in print media – two-thirds (65%) of newspaper readers and 59% of magazine readers compared to less than a quarter (23%) for Facebook users and less than a fifth (19%) for YouTube users.

The research also demonstrated the strength of print media in driving engagement with advertiser’s brands. In fact, more than three quarters (76%) of newspaper readers visit websites to find out more about something they’ve seen advertised in print, the highest results from consumers of each media including TV, Facebook and social media.

Is your advertising working hard enough to capture your consumers’ attention?
Are your ads placed where Kiwis are most open and receptive to receiving advertising?
Take a look through our full research deck here and ask yourself these questions when thinking about your next campaign.

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