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Otago Daily Times (Independent)

The Otago Daily Times editorial reputation and impressive market penetration into Otago and the South has seen the newspaper establish an enviable reputation. Its policy of delivering an interesting and eclectic mix of authoritative news, opinion and features tailored to a market it knows well engenders impressive interaction between the readers and the newspaper. The Otago Daily Times main circulation includes Dunedin City and Waitaki, Central Otago and Queenstown Lakes Districts. Readers are as far north as Christchurch and south to Invercargill City.

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Publication Details

  • Owned By: Allied Press Limited
  • Published: Mon - Sat Morning
  • Page Size: Mon - Sat 560mmH x 380mmW

Contact Details

  • General Manager: Grant McKenzie
  • Advertising Manager: Paul Dwyer
  • Address: 52 Stuart Street, PO Box 517, Dunedin