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The Ensign (Allied Press)

Based in Gore, The Ensign, like the district it services, is moving into a bright new era.

It is proud to provide in-depth coverage about the people of Eastern and Northern Southland and West Otago and the issues that directly affect them.

The Ensign, established in 1878, is distributed to more than 12,000 homes on Wednesdays and Fridays. It features coverage of local government, sports and recreation, arts and entertainment, education, farming and business news.

The Newspaper has serviced the area for more than a century, and is an active sponsor of many cultural activities and sporting events.

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  • Owned By: Allied Press
  • Published: Wednesday & Friday
  • Page Size: 38x7 - 380mmH x 265mmW
  • Average Net Circulation: n/a

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