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The Gisborne Herald (Independent)

The publisher of Gisborne's only daily newspaper, The Gisborne Herald is one of only four remaining independently owned daily newspapers in New Zealand. Originally established as the Poverty Bay Herald in 1874 and renamed The Gisborne Herald in 1939, the newspaper has been an integral part of the Gisborne community for over 125 years.

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Publication Details

  • Owned By: The Gisborne Herald
  • Published: Mon - Sat Afternoon
  • Page Size: 360mmH x 260mmW


Contact Details

  • General Manager: Michael Muir
  • Editor: Jeremy Muir
  • Advertising Manager: Jane Smith
  • Address: 64 Gladstone Road, PO Box 1143, Gisborne
  • Phone: Tel:+6468690600
  • Fax: Tel:+6468690644

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