Top insights of 2017

Here are our top research and insight pieces of 2017

It’s been another busy year in the wider media sector, and News Works has been no different.  Our insight articles, in-depth research and infographics have been viewed over 4,000 times.  As the year draws to a close we think it’s a fitting time to revisit the most clicked articles for 2017.

1. Trust in Media

The emergence of fake news has some Kiwis doubting the authenticity of the news and information they receive. 7 out of 8 people trust newspapers and radio as a source of news and information.

We wanted to understand trust in media and how this affects trust in advertising, which channels consumers are most open and receptive to advertising and which ones they find the most useful and would drive action.

We commissioned Colmar Brunton to undertake a nationwide survey of 600 people and followed this up with interviews where people shared their experiences.

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2. Case Study

Nobody's Faster Than Disaster - Lifejacket Campaign

The ‘Nobody’s Faster Than Disaster’ news media campaign was built on Maritime's existing creative and demonstrated the impact of engaging and influencing a large audience across print, digital and mobile platforms.

“The campaign saw Rebel Sport increase its life-jacket sales revenue by 40% over a comparable two week period."

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3. Student Awards

Media Design School takes out the 2017 Student Newspaper Advertising Competition

An insightful campaign created by two students from the Media Design School (MDS) took out this year’s top prize at our annual student advertising competition.

With the Student News Media competition attracting over 90 entries across two categories, Diane Hannay, Head of Marketing for News Works, says it’s great to see so many students engaging with news media.

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4. Top 5 infographic

Top 5 reasons to include print in your next campaign

From reaching a wealthy audience to driving action and influencing purchasde decisions - our Top 5 reasons to be in print infographic provides a great snapshot.

7 out of 8 people trust newspapers and radio as a source of news and information

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5. Targeting regional NZ

Life Beyond the Big Smoke

The dynamics of regional New Zealand are changing rapidly with 4 in 10 kiwis now living outside Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

We have new insights into the lives of Kiwis living beyond the city limits, gleaned from surveying over 1,000 people.  The study, conducted by Nielsen, delves into their future plans, buying and media habits. 

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6. Path 2 Purchase

After consulting 600 Kiwis who are planning their next holiday, we have developed a complete path to purchase for holidaymakers.

It takes you from the moment they decide they need a holiday, to the final purchase decision - and we’ve discovered what drives and influences their purchasing decisions along the way.

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7. Creative examples in print

Capturing the attention of consumers

As we become busier, how do you as advertisers capture your consumers’ attention and cut through the clutter?

We have seen some great examples of eye-catching ads in the newspapers recently which have cleverly used combinations of size, shape and typography to stand out from the crowd.   

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8. Path 2 Purchase

Car Buyers' Path to Purchase

To understand how to engage car buyers on their path to purchase, News Works NZ have collaborated with Research Now to develop one of 4 path to purchase projects.

After consulting 525 Kiwis who are planning the purchase of a new car we have developed a complete path to purchase for car buyers.

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