Product Recall

News Works can manage the process for you. We can help with planning and booking a Product Recall for agencies and direct clients.

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General Information

 Product Recalls usually occur for one of two reasons:

  1. Health – generally food and medical/personal products
    Manufacturers of food goods, medical or personal products that are deemed to be unsafe, contaminated, faulty etc may need to be recalled from the shelves of distributors and retailers. The action may be initiated by the manufacturer themselves, or demanded by the Ministry of Health. This is an emotive issue; some forms of contamination can lead to birth defects, miscarriage, death etc.
  2. Safety – all others such as toys, appliances, furniture etc.
    All products could come under this category. Once again the manufacturer instigates this, or various other government departments e.g. Ministry of Health.

Ad content requirements

There is a set format required for Product Recall advertisements as required by law. Click here to view or download a pdf. 

News Works can have the ad created for you for $100+GST.

18x4 column/cm or a 4x4 modules.


What you need to know

There are stringent procedures for the manufacturers. They have to track down which batch numbers are affected, and where those batches have been dispatched to. A public message is then expected to recall those batches back to the manufacturer. The standard procedure is to advertise the recall in the local newspaper, supply media releases to the main media in the areas, and contact distributors directly. A manufacturer who does not comply or is seen to be slow to act, is deemed negligent and can be in for legal action should a consumer have an accident or get sick, claiming they were not given adequate opportunity to know there was a problem. 

 Product Recalls are top priority and we action immediately. To create a schedule we need:

  • Size of the ad - we can help you determine this
  • Positioning – Early General News section to ensure maximum possible readership
  • The newspapers/regions the ads need to appear in
  • Preferred dates (usually will require back up date if no availability for first choice)
  • Detailed information about the client and product
  • Prepayment for non accredited advertising agencies or direct advertisers. Payment for these ads must be received before the ads are booked with the papers. We accept payment by internet only (proof required). Bank account number: 02-0100-0909027-00
  • Creative agency must be fully briefed in the legal requirements of the product recall ad content
  • Once approved and paid News Works will book the schedule with the newspapers
  • Existing contract rates can be utilised. If no contract exists, product recall will be cost at casual rates

News Works can do it all for you. Call us on 09 306 1600 for assistance.


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